Self Storage Units in Nottingham

The self-storage facilities we use are located near our premises in Nottingham & are available at great prices.
The following guide highlights some of the benefits our storage has to offer & the versatility of the facilities we provide.

Self Storage to Suit all Budgets

Over the course of our lives, almost all of us accumulate a large amount of possessions & personal property. Whether it’s old furniture that we are still attached to, sporting equipment or items from hobbies & activities we love doing in our spare time or equipment & stock from a business venture we are involved in space in our homes is a major commodity we could almost all benefit from increasing. Aside from extending or remodelling our homes to add additional storage the only viable way to increase available space is to obtain access to a self-storage facility which is where we come in.

As the name suggests self-storage is ridiculously simple & this is where the benefit is really apparent. Self-storage has become more well known due to a number of reality & entertainment programs that have been broadcast on TV in recent years but these kinds of facilities have been available for years for businesses & members of the public to use at their convenience.

When you’re ready to use our facilities simply select the right storage unit or units for your needs & sign up with us to begin taking advantage of the additional space. The charges for our units are payable each month which makes it easy to keep track of the cost & allows you the freedom of not being tied into a long-term contract.

Safe and Secure Storage Units

Whichever type of unit you would like to hire you can rest assured that we will keep your belongings safe & secure at all times. The warehouse we use is located in Nottingham & once you have chosen your unit we will provide you with access so that you can reach your unit whenever you need to.

Our units can be used to store all manner of things that you no longer have space for. From furniture from your home or office, equipment or machinery such as car parts or home gym & leisure items, stock & overflow inventory from a shop or market stall or even for temporary reasons such as catering equipment from a restaurant while your kitchen is being remodelled.

Whatever you chose to store is your choice & we will not have access to your unit once you begin using our services except in the case of an emergency. For everyone’s safety & welfare we cannot allow storage of the following items

  • Livestock of any kind, whether it is a personal pet or animals to be sold at a pet shop or auction we cannot store living creatures for any period of time
  • Hazardous substances or chemicals including harmful waste products from industry, combustible fuels including petrol & pressurised gas containers
  • Any illegal items or illegally obtained items or anything that has been deemed unsafe such as faulty electrical items
  • Firearms, ammunition & explosives of any kind including fireworks even if you have the correct licences & authority to do so

If you have any other items that you would like to store & are unsure if we can store them please speak to a member of our team today & we will advise you.

As well as offering removal services for commercial & domestic customers we also offer a range of storage options for homeowners & business use. Whatever you need storing whether it’s temporarily or for longer spells we always endeavour to provide you with the right solution at a competitive price. Depending on how much storage space you need we have many different storage types to choose from including storage rooms & units, warehouse storage ideal for holding stocks inventories for business use & student storage that offers a great budget solution for storing your essentials.